Spiritual Warfare – Part 1: Angelic Battles and Territorial Spirits

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(RuachHaKodesh, Session 19a)

The Bible depicts an unseen struggle between good and evil that takes place in our hearts and in the world around us. While the phrase “spiritual warfare” is not found verbatim in Scripture, the concept is clearly expressed in passages like Ephesians 6:10–18. Here, Paul uses the metaphor of physical armour and warfare to describe the spiritual battle that we are in as believers. We have an enemy, and this world is currently under his domain. Our job is to overcome sin in our lives and darkness in the world around us as we serve the true King, Yeshua.

In this two-part session of our series on the Holy Spirit, we look at several Scriptural passages depicting spiritual warfare. We then examine several modern Christian conceptions of spiritual warfare and assess them in the light of Scripture. For some believers, true spiritual warfare entails “mapping” territorial spirits, deliverance ministries, legal declarations, and symbolic actions. But does the Bible teach these concepts?

This episode, part one, examines the notion of territorial spirits. We take a closer look at Daniel 10 and related passages which are often used to support the belief that Christians must identify and “bind” the evil spirits which rule over certain locations. As we will see, however, these passages convey a very different but equally powerful message about the spiritual realm.

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  1. Kells says:

    excellent. our family enjoyed the teachings together this morning. shalom

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