Session 17: Samaritans and Gentiles (Acts 8-11)

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Stephen’s martyrdom had a significant effect on the early community of Yeshua-followers. Up until this point, the followers of Yeshua have been flocking to Jerusalem. Jerusalem is like a magnet. The movement had been centripetal. The death of Stephen sparked an abrupt change to a centrifugal (outward) movement. Now the good news is going out from Jerusalem. Remember in Acts 1:8, Yeshua told his apostles “You will be my witnesses in (1) Jerusalem and Judea, (2) Samaria, and (3) to the ends of the earth.” God took this terrible event of Stephen’s death and used it to accomplish great good and to further his mission.

In this session we look at the Samaritans. Are they Jewish or Gentile? What is Luke’s attitude towards them?

Next there is the Ethiopian Eunuch. How does he connect with a passage in Isaiah?

Finally, we tackle Peter’s vision and the conversion of Cornelius. The narrative of Peter’s vision is repeated three times in Acts. There is so much to unpack in here.

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