Why We Keep Torah

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Segullah Discussion Podcast, episode 11

For much of its history, mainstream Christianity has assumed that the Torah (Law), or at least parts of it, no longer apply to followers of Jesus. Yet today, a growing number of Christians are embracing the Jewish roots of their faith and adopting the observance of Old Testament commandments. In this episode, Ben and Daria share their own experiences and attempt to dispel common misunderstandings about keeping Torah. Torah is not a burden, but a delight, and a wonderful part of our discipleship to the Messiah.

This episode is based on an article we previously posted on Segullah. You can access the original article at the following link: http://www.segullah.net/five-reasons-keep-torah/

2 responses to “Why We Keep Torah”

  1. Gloria Klein says:

    Thankyou Ben and Daria. This was a very enjoyable podcast; simple, gracious and to the point. Something a new follower of Torah can easily relate to.

  2. Sharon Fulton says:

    Beautiful explanation. How blessed are your children to “taste and see.”

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