Vision and Values


  • Toward a mature Messianic Torah movement composed of healthy communities, families, and individuals
  • Toward unity, organization, and working together cooperatively as a movement
  • Toward mutual respect and acceptance between Jewish and Gentile believers
  • Toward a global movement that is engaged with the broader Body of Messiah and with meeting the needs of a hurting world
  • Toward meeting the needs in resources and scholarship



  • Quality: Striving to communicate in a clear, professional, and accurate manner
  • Scholarship: Based on sound theology and research
  • Accessibility: Striving to be understandable, reaching people at a popular level
  • Relevance: Meaningful and profitable, avoiding superfluity
  • Unity: Promoting inter-community cooperation, avoiding isolationism, and remaining connected to the broader movement without compromising on distinctives
  • Graciousness: Avoiding sarcasm or demeaning attitudes, respecting those who differ from us in belief or practice
  • Balanced Focus: Avoiding negativity or imbalanced emphasis on certain topics or side-issues
  • Accountability: Maintaining a system of review and collaboration as an organization



  • Resources: Committed to providing quality resources, touching on the areas that are often neglected in our movement
  • Global Focus: Helping to empower indigenous movements and mobilize Messianic Torah missions
  • Pro-Community: Vocally in favour of Messianic Torah congregations, and concerned about their health and longevity
  • Generational Succession: Investing in and engaging with the younger generation