Power of the Spirit – Part 2: True Power vs. Sensationalism

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(RuachHaKodesh, Session 18b)

How can we tell the difference between the power of the Holy Spirit and man-made sensationalism? That is the question this episode seeks to address. It is necessary for us to hunger for more of God’s presence in our lives, but it is also necessary to exercise discernment.

In part 1 of this topic, we looked at the Biblical basis for desiring God’s power in our lives, and then we touched on the topic of signs and wonders. This current episode continues the conversation, beginning with a look at the role of emotions. Like thoughts, emotions can be good or bad. The Spirit’s work is often accompanied by strong emotions, but emotions alone are not proof that He is at work, nor is their absence proof that He is absent. There is a clear difference between God’s empowerment and man-made emotionalism or hype.

Next, we talk about how to discern the legitimacy of “manifestations.” There are three questions we can ask to help assess behaviours or events that people claim to be from God’s Spirit: (1) Is it Biblical? (2) What is the fruit? and (3) To whom is attention being drawn? Scripture commands us to “test the spirits,” so it is important to exercise discernment alongside our hunger for the legitimate work of God’s Spirit.

Finally, we discuss our need for God power as we serve Him. While we are called to offer God our best, we must recognize that our best is never enough. Apart from Him, we can do nothing. A true life of obedience and service to God requires an attitude of deep humility in recognizing our utter dependence on Him.

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