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I am excited to introduce to you a new podcast series we will be posting called Ruach Hakodesh. This series is an in-depth study on the Holy Spirit from a Messianic Torah perspective. Each audio session was recorded live at Beit Tzur Messianic Fellowship in Regina, Saskatchewan.

This series arose from the burden that we as a movement desperately need the Holy Spirit in our midst. We are nothing, and we can do nothing for God’s Kingdom, without His Spirit filling and empowering us. Yet sadly the topic of the Holy Spirit has been a matter of confusion and division among believers. It is also a topic that has received little in-depth attention in our movement. Our goal is to sort through some of the different understandings and presuppositions that we have, and see what the Bible actually says. We also seek to understand how our Messianic Torah theology should inform our understanding of this vital subject.

This series covers some of the history of interpretation in both Christianity and Judaism regarding the person and work of the Holy Spirit. We go deep into understanding the gifts of the Spirit and how they are to function in our communities of faith. We also look forward to the prophetic expectation of the Spirit’s work in the future.

The following is a table of contents for this series. This outline will be updated with links to the audio sessions as they become available. You can also subscribe to this podcast here.

PART I: Introduction and Background

Session 1: Introduction:

a) Part 1

b) Part 2

Session 2: The Holy Spirit in Christianity

a) Early Church to Reformation

b) Reformation to Present

Session 3: The Holy Spirit in Judaism

a) Second Temple Era

b) Rabbis and Chasidism

PART II: The Holy Spirit in Scripture

Session 4: The Holy Spirit in the Tanakh

a) In the Beginning

b) The Spirit of Kings

c) Back to the Future

Session 5: The Spirit of Messiah

a) Signs of the Kingdom

b) The Spirit-Bearer

Session 6: The Great Outpouring

The Great Outpouring: Acts 2 and its Relation to Mount Sinai

Session 7: The Spirit in the Kehillah

Spirit in the Kehillah: The Spirit’s Workings in the Body of Messiah

PART III: Gifts of the Spirit

Session 8: Gifts of the Spirit – Overview

Introduction to the Gifts of the Spirit

Session 9: Excursus – Mysticism and Ecstasy

a) Definitions and Debates

b) Heroes and Heretics

c) Evaluating Mystical Spirituality

Session 10: Gifts of the Spirit in Paul’s Writings

a) Gifts of the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12

b) Love, Fruit, and Gifts of the Spirit: 1 Corinthians 13-14

Session 11: The Gift of Tongues

a) Definitions and History

b) Tongues in Judaism and Acts

c) Paul’s Theology of Worship

d) Tongues in the Old Testament

Session 12: The Gift of Prophecy

a) Introduction and History

b) Prophecy in Scripture

c) Eras of Prophecy

d) False Prophets

e) Prophecy Today

f) Theology of Revelation

Session 13: The Gift of Healing

a) Healing in Scripture

b) History of Interpretation

c) Modern Healing Movements

PART IV: Walking in the Spirit

Session 14: Theology of the Holy Spirit

Theology of the Holy Spirit: Who or What Is the Spirit?

Session 15: Filled with the Spirit

a) Baptism in the Holy Spirit

b) The Spirit’s Work in Us

c) The Role of the Holy Spirit

Session 16: Flesh vs. Spirit

a) Defining the Flesh

b) Paul’s “Wretched Man” in Romans 7

Session 17: Letter vs. Spirit

              a) Legalism and the Law

             b) The Role of Intellect

             c) Torah and the New Covenant

Session 18: Power of the Spirit

           a) Signs and Wonders

           b) True Power vs. Sensationalism

Session 19: Spiritual Warfare

a) Angelic Battles and Territorial Spirits 

b) Demons and Deliverance

Session 20: Revival

 a) What is Revival

 b) Seeking Revival

Session 21: Living by the Spirit

Conclusion: Living by the Spirit

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