The Gift of Prophecy – part 4: False Prophets

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(Ruach HaKodesh, Session 12d)

This episode of the Ruach HaKodesh series continues our six-part discussion of the gift of prophecy. In part 1, we talked about prophecy by looking at the history of interpretation within Christianity and Judaism. Part 2 began looking at the gift of prophecy in Scripture. In part 3 we did an overview of the different eras of prophecy in Scripture. Now in this episode, part 4, we go in a different direction and address the issue of false prophets and false prophecy.

The Torah first introduces us to the concept of false prophets in Deuteronomy and gives us criteria for identifying them. We then look at the example of Jeremiah in the Bible and his experience with false prophets. We continue to look at other examples of false prophets in Scripture; both in the Tanakh and in the Apostolic Writings. We also talk about the concept of testing the prophets. Again, we go back to Scripture and list the characteristics of a false prophet.

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