The Gift of Prophecy – part 3: Eras of Prophecy

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This session of the Ruach HaKodesh series takes a closer look at the gift of prophecy. In part 1, we talked about prophecy by looking at the history of interpretation within Christianity and Judaism. In part 2 we began looking at the gift of prophecy in Scripture.

This episode, part 3, goes into an overview of the different eras of prophecy:

•             The Era of the Patriarchs

•             Moses, the Prophet Par Excellence

•             The School of Samuel

•             The Royal Advisory Prophets

•             The Schools of Elijah and Elisha

•             The Writing Prophets

•             John the Baptist

•             Yeshua, the Ultimate Prophet

•             The Apostolic Prophets

For an outline of all the sessions in this series, click on this link. To subscribe to this podcast, click here.

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