Power of the Spirit – Part 1: Signs and Wonders

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(RuachHaKodesh, Session 18a)

What does it mean to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit? A Spirit-filled life should not be just a passive enterprise. Our desire should be to serve God in a Spirit-empowered way. Unfortunately, however, there are many competing visions of what that looks like. Sadly, there are people out there who claim to be empowered by the Spirit to do things that are unbiblical and unedifying. How can we be discerning without quenching our zeal and hunger for more of God’s presence in our lives?

This session begins by looking at Scriptural descriptions of Spirit-driven power. There is a clear Biblical basis for saying that we are called to serve God through the power of His Spirit. The first step is to truly desire that empowerment. We must be willing to overcome our apathy and lethargy enough to want God’s power in our lives.

Next, we delve into the topic of signs and wonders. Some believers equate the power of the Spirit with particular manifestations. A full study of the terms “signs and wonders” throughout Scripture, however, demonstrates that these are not the focal point of the Holy Spirit’s work. In fact, Scripture specifically warns about the abundance of false signs and wonders in the last days. In our hunger for more of God in our lives, we must make sure that it is Him alone, not particular phenomena, that we are seeking.

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