Luke-Acts Study Series

This Bible study series takes us through the books of Luke and Acts as we examine the story of Yeshua (Jesus) and his earliest followers from a Messianic Torah perspective. Our particular focus in this study will be on three areas: God’s people (Israel), God’s precepts (Torah), and God’s plan (eschatology).

For many interpreters throughout history, Luke and Acts represent a decisive break with the Tanakh (Old Testament) in precisely these three areas. According to this view, Luke-Acts narrates the birth of the church and the replacement of the old people of God (the Jews) with a new, multi-ethnic people of God. Likewise, Luke-Acts demonstrates the annulment of Old Testament commandments and the particulars of Torah observance in favour of a new standard of obedience for God’s people that is devoid of anything “Jewish.” Finally, it is assumed that Jesus came to overthrow Jewish expectations that looked for a literal restoration of Jerusalem and a Davidic king who would deliver them from Roman oppression; instead, Jesus offered a spiritual kingdom that allegorized Old Testament prophecy and turned its nationalistic promises into universal spiritual propositions for the church.

Our goal in this series is to demonstrate a radically different approach. As recent scholarship is beginning to demonstrate, Luke-Acts betrays powerful continuity with the Tanakh in the above three areas. Luke emphatically articulates God’s faithfulness to his people (Israel), the ongoing validity of his precepts (Torah), and a dynamic confirmation and realization of God’s end-time plan. It is time for us to recapture the deep, Jewish flavour of these books and the story that they tell so masterfully. Join us as we encounter anew the story of the true King of Israel, Yeshua of Nazareth, and the tales of his earliest followers.

The following is a list of all the sessions in this series. This outline will be updated with links to the sessions as they become available. You can also check out our YouTube channel or subscribe to the Segullah audio teachings podcast.