Luke-Acts session 9: Seeking the Kingdom

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What is the Kingdom of God? Is it physical or spiritual? Is it present or future?  In this session we look at God’s Kingdom in the Tanakh and discuss the Davidic Kingdom and God’s purpose in choosing Israel. In first-century Judaism, there was an expectation of the restoration of the Davidic monarchy under King Messiah. When Yeshua was preaching the Kingdom, the natural and logical conclusion at that time was that he was going to destroy Rome. And yet, that did not happen as expected. What sort of Kingdom did Yeshua preach? Two thousand years later, we still have not witnessed a literal restoration of David’s throne in Jerusalem. There are different ideas of how to reconcile the tension between a physical kingdom and a spiritual kingdom. Would it have been different if Israel had repented when Yeshua preached? In this session we also look at Yeshua’s prayer – we are supposed to ask for God’s kingdom.  Finally, we look at Yeshua’s teachings about the Kingdom, the hints that he gives us and his descriptions of his Kingdom.

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