Luke-Acts session 7: The Parables and Yeshua’s Mission

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Why did Yeshua teach in parables? Were the parables meant to obscure or clarify his message? In this session, we discuss Yeshua’s parable-telling strategy and look at some significant parables that illustrate his mission. We also examine John the Baptist’s motive in questioning whether Yeshua is the “coming one,” along with Yeshua’s cryptic response. Luke’s narrative offers a nuanced portrait of various first-century Jewish groups such as the Pharisees. Unlike some of the other Gospels, Luke-Acts paints the Pharisees in a surprisingly positive light, even pointing out that some of Yeshua’s prominent followers were Pharisees. This session ends with a retake on the Parable of the Sower, suggesting it outlines four potential responses that Israel could make to Yeshua’s message.

Watch a video of this session below, or use the player at the top of this page to listen to just the audio.

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