Luke-Acts session 5: Yeshua the Teacher and Healer

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As followers of Yeshua, sometimes we place more emphasis on Yeshua’s death than on his life. But Yeshua didn’t just come to die; he came with a mission that is borne out in his earthly ministry.

In this session of our Luke-Acts series, we examine Yeshua’s teaching in the synagogue of Nazareth in Luke 4:14–30. Here Yeshua reads a passage from Isaiah that proves paradigmatic for his ministry and encapsulates the mission of Messiah: to teach and to heal. Yet the rejection Yeshua faces in Nazareth also foreshadows the rejection he will face from the religious leaders of his day, who will eventually put him to death. Luke places this story at the beginning of Yeshua’s ministry to serve as a summary of the entire book.

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