Luke-Acts session 4: The King’s Anointing

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(Luke 3:21 – 4:30)

Scripture tells about how the kings of Israel were anointed with oil to confirm them in their office. When the Gospels speak of Yeshua as the Messiah (“Anointed One”), they are declaring him to be the ultimate King of Israel, the restoration of the Davidic monarchy. If that is the case, when and how was Yeshua anointed? In this session, we look at the story of Yeshua’s immersion (baptism) and how Luke portrays the descent of the Holy Spirit as a form of anointing. Luke takes pains to present Yeshua as both the Son of God and the true heir to David’s throne. This session concludes with a look at Yeshua’s temptation in which he relives the experience of Israel in the wilderness. Messiah experiences the same tests that Israel did, but whereas Israel had previously failed Yeshua now passes those tests as Israel’s representative.

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