Luke-Acts Session 3: John the Baptist, Herald of Repentance

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This session of our Luke-Acts series explores the prophetic career of John the Baptist and his call to repentance. While the first two chapters of Luke offer striking images of national restoration for Israel, chapter 3 presents us for the first time with the threat of judgment that hung over the nation. In this study we seek to unearth the motivation that drove John’s fiery preaching. Along the way we discuss issues that help address this question, such as the possible date when Luke wrote his Gospel and the ways that Luke is distinct from Matthew and Mark. Our proposal is that Luke wrote in the aftermath of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE, and he saw this dire event presaged in the sermons of Messiah’s forerunner.

Watch a video of this session below, or use the player at the top of this page to listen to just the audio.

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