Luke-Acts session 19: The Jerusalem Council—Part 1 (Acts 15)

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The Jerusalem Council has been described as the heart of the book of Acts. It was this meeting of the apostles and elders in Jerusalem that determined the fate of the Gentile mission. Yet the nature of this meeting and its ramifications are subjects of much debate. Who were the “circumcisers”? Why was circumcision such a big deal? Why did the apostles choose four prohibitions for non-Jewish believers? Where did they get these prohibitions from and what was their purpose? While previous generations of interpreters assumed that Acts 15 represents the Christian rejection of Torah, this session taps into cutting-edge scholarship to demonstrate that Luke upholds the value of Torah—including circumcision. Join us for the first of a two-part study that offers a Messianic Torah perspective on this pivotal chapter.

Watch a video of this session below, or use the player at the top of this page to listen to just the audio.

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