Luke-Acts session 11: The Cost of Discipleship (Luke 14-18)

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In the last two sessions we have focused on the Kingdom of God. Yeshua’s teaching on the Kingdom was counter-intuitive and at odds with popular expectations at the time. In Luke chapter 9, Yeshua clarifies what it means to follow Messiah. Instead of power, prestige, and military aggression, Yeshua calls his followers to embrace repentance, humility, and even suffering. This is the theme we are going to focus on in this session. Yeshua uses some strong words in his parables to describe the cost of discipleship. We also discuss money and wealth in Yeshua’s teachings, his lament over Jerusalem, repentance, and the hope of Israel’s future restoration.

Watch a video of this session below, or use the player at the top of this page to listen to just the audio.

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