Letter Vs. Spirit – Part 2: The Role of the Intellect

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(RuachHaKodesh, Session 17b)

What role does our intellect play in our walk with God? Is the use of our rational thought processes or common sense at odds with God’s Spirit? Some people have a view of the Holy Spirit that is antithetical to human intellect, effort, and preparation. This is often related to the tendency to emphasize feeling over thinking, and for some people leads to anti-intellectualism. The problem is that both feelings and thoughts can be misguided or deceptive. What is the proper use of our intellectual capacity in a Spirit-filled life?

This episode continues our discussion of passages in which Paul contrasts the letter with the Spirit. In part 1, we looked at the danger of legalism while also seeking a proper definition of the term. In this episode, we tackle a related issue as we examine the relationship between being led by the Spirit and using our God-given intellects for his glory. God desires to renew our minds so that we can serve him as a whole human being: heart, soul, mind and strength. He wants us to offer him our best, though our best is never enough. That is why we need his Spirit.

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