COVID-19: Fear, Polarization, and Psalm 46

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Segullah Discussion Podcast, episode 8

Since last March, the world as we know it has drastically changed. COVID-19 has unsettled humanity in profound ways, revealing our insecurities and anxieties. One symptom of our society’s chronic anxiety is the hostile polarization that dominates social media. In a world like this, how can believers make a difference?

In this podcast episode, Ben and Daria discuss the various reactions to the COVID-19 crisis, ranging from fear of the virus to fear of the government. It is helpful to contrast all these responses with the approach taken by the psalmist in Psalm 46. Even in the midst of global chaos, God’s people are called to a categorically different response. As believers, we are called to be a non-anxious presence in trying times, and only this can enable us to avoid the anger and confusion and reach out in love to those around us.

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One response to “COVID-19: Fear, Polarization, and Psalm 46”

  1. Gloria Klein says:

    Thankyou Ben & Daria.. this podcast was very good and puts this whole pandemic fear into perspective. May Adonai bless you and continue to put His thoughts on your heart to continue sharing God’s love, peace and His compassion for everyone.

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