Conspiracy Theories part 2: Potential Pitfalls to Avoid

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Segullah Discussion Podcast, episode 10

This podcast episode continues our conversation on the topic of conspiracy theories. In the previous episode, Ben and Daria sought to disentangle the subject from its political baggage and discern the psychological factors behind belief in conspiracy theories. This episode moves the conversation forward by first discussing a few legitimate examples of governments attempting to conceal information from their citizens. Next, we examine some of the dangers that an obsession with conspiracy theories can lead to. What should be our stance as believers toward all this?

The point is not that we should naïvely accept everything from “mainstream” media. But neither is it healthy to be gullible about non-mainstream sources. More to the point, it is so easy to become distracted from that which should be our true focus as believers: Yeshua and his mission. Ultimately our identity must be only in him.

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